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 Eye Behind Shutter

The World is a Canvas and I light paint it through Camera. There is so much of beauty in the world that is yet to be explored. Travelling and photography are two passions that are a inevitable part of my system. Every place I go, I leave a part of me there and bring along a part of it with me back through photographs. My home is not a place, its the road. Every stranger I meet I seek a story through their eyes, because I believe that eyes are windows to our souls. Experiences, breathtaking locations, beautiful faces, that’s what feeds my soul. I may not have won awards yet, but it took me years to introspect and discover myself while taking the roads less travelled, and that for me is my biggest achievement. Hi, I am Nirbhay and I am the Eye Behind Shutter. Welcome to my journey, Where I continue to find parts of me and loose myself to places. 


I believe knowledge cannot be completely gained between the pages of any books. The best teachers are journeys and experiences. A conversation with a stranger watching the sunset might teach you more than any school teacher ever could. All this philosophy apart, I completed my BFA Photography and Visual Communication at Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad. Photography is an art skill which is acquired through both theory and practical knowledge. Having a grip on theory I was seeking the practical knowledge through travelling. Be it short trips in the middle of the semester or a two month internship in Egypt, they were 4 significant years for me as a photographer. The classrooms taught me technical aspects and the roads did the rest of the job. 

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