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Bhongir Fort - historical monument with magnificent history

Have you ever travelled in a route regularly, gazed at an odd structure or a mountain and wondered, does the place has some significance or a real adventure to trek? Located on the Warangal highway, this odd looking boulder was one of such place for me. It took 17 odd years for me to visit and realise the egg shaped structure is indeed a historical monument with magnificent history. Located 48km from Telangana’s capital, Bhongir Fort is one of the unusual looking fort, spread across 50 acres at the height of 500 feet standing on a monolithic rock.

Stairway to the History

Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI, a Chalukya ruler erected this structure in the 10th century. Initially the fort was named - Tribhuvanagiri after him and later changed to Bhuvanagiri, which is now Bhongir Fort.

Fort of Prisoners
Crumbling Ruins

The fort was long-ruled by the Chalukya dynasty and then by the Kakatiya dynasty under Rani Rudramadevi and her grandson Prataparudra. Later the QutbShahi’s used this castle as a prison for those to desired to seize the throne and the citadel escaped the attention of Britisher during the pre-independence era. It is believed that the forts connects to Golconda fort which is 50km away through a underground chamber.

Castle of Monolithic Rock
Kakatiya Treasure

Gigantic Green

The fort offers a breathtaking panoramic view from the top of the hill with profound trap doors, stables and amazing collection of armoury.

Antique Ammunition

Heritage Curves
Countryside Carnage

Doors of Trap
A Relic Mural

Bhongir forts is one of the top picks of Hyderabad’s getaways for trekking and adventures. The tourism of Telangana also offers special trekking tours to the adventure enthusiasts.

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