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Kakatiyan Architectural Marvel - Ramappa Temple

This is a story of an Indian architect who sculpted a marvel 800 years ago and little did he know that the structure which he erected would be recognised as a World Heritage site. Telangana’s Ramappa temple got its UNESCO tag becoming India’s 39th site to earn the honour.

The Kakatiya era structure stands tall in Palampet, Mulugu district of Telangana which is 200km from the state’s capital city-Hyderabad. Constructed under the rule of King Ganapathi Deva, the temple is recognised by its sculptor Ramappa.

Referred as the brightest star in the network of medieval temples in the Deccan region - Ramappa temple is the perfect destination for the people who admire architecture. The temple stands on a six feet high star shaped platform with walls, pillars and ceilings adorned with intricate carvings.

At the sanctum of the temple, the walls are carved with scenes from the epics of both Ramayana and Shiva purana, and other ancient texts, too.

The statue of Nandi in Nandi Mandapam, facing Lord Shiva’s shrine is One of the striking features of the temple. This majestic Nandi statue is in an “attentive” posture that is unlike the Nandi statues elsewhere in Shiva temples.

Art never dies. Its all about time, some might have the limelight while they are alive and some after they pass but end of the day an artist’s art shall always get its recognition.

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